New Music

Ladner is hot right now.  We’ve been working on new stuff before and after the holiday break and we are super stoked on the two new songs we’ve got going.

We’ve secured a regular drummer, Aaron, who I mistakenly will call Adam now and again (sorry Aaron), and he is returning next week for our regular jam sessions.  So we welcome Aaron back again. I say back again becaue Aaron used to jam with Ladner way back before Byron became a fixture. I think Aaron had ran off to chase bulls or something but he’s now back which is great for Ladner because Byron is now off chasing dreams.  good luck Byron, and bienvenuto Aaron.

Oh yeah, and we are going to plan a big party for the near future. Will pass on more details as soon as i get off my arse and plan it.


Megaphone Fundraiser – ladner looks hot!

Ladner performed Friday, December 10th at Cafe Deux Soleil for Megaphone’s 2nd annual A Night of Joyful Voices to help raise funds for their street magazine.

Then we got a pic in the 24hrs!  Thanks to our last minute drummer Aaron and sans our keyist Lindsay we pulled off a pretty decent show.

check us out online, pg 5 :

Wanna hear what LADNER sounds like?


We just finished up with all the tracks and have it all mixed and mastered. We’re planning a record release party soon, but wanted to give you a chance to listen and fall in love with our songs beforehand!

Lyrics online

Check out our new Lyrics page. Now you can sing along with the gang and marvel at David’s soulful writings about love, angst, and uncertainty.

See lyrics here

yeah ladner at trees

yeah ladner at trees, originally uploaded by paigemorrow.

A small snapshot from Trees cafe on Granville in Vancouver.


Live, like you were there.

But 10 hours from superstardom!

20100511_2280_2, originally uploaded by paigemorrow.

We’re playing at Trees coffee house on Granville. Between Pender and Hastings. Tonight. Gig starts rolling at 8 pm. We’re up at 9.15.


Ladner goes to the studio

20100528_2433_1, originally uploaded by paigemorrow.

Ladner headed over to Kokoro Dance Studio, which incidentally contains a recording studio, to put together our first EP. We’re still working on a title so shoot us a message if you have any ideas.

We were working with Joe Hirabayashi, who is an upstanding chap and also a member of SSRIs, which has been described as “experimental post-hardcore jazz rock”. SSRIs also loves EPs (who doesn’t) and released one recently. Oops nevermind I just checked that last sentence & I guess they in fact love LPs, which is what they just released.

You should check SSRIs out, perhaps on CBC Radio 3, which happens to be a great website for Canadian indie music: If you’re in Vancouver, you should also consider attending their show at the Biltmore Cabaret on Friday, June 18. They’re playing with MT40, Bad Fate, Fine Mist and
DJ’s: The Winnie Cooper/No More Strangers crew. Should be super.